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Capacity Range:
6.0 – 48.0 hp

Upgrading air conditioning systems in the past used to require replacement of refrigerant piping in buildings, leading to major construction and costs exceeding those of the original installation.

To save time and cost, Daikin developed the VRV IV Q Series as a model specializing in system replacement. This revolutionary system reuses existing piping and enables quick and high quality replacement to the latest energy-saving air conditioning system without renovation work for new piping.

Technical Specifications
VRV IV Q Series
Standard Type Space Saving Type
Model Capacity (Btu/hr) Model Capacity (Btu/hr)
RQQ6TYM 54600 RQQ18TYM 171000
RQQ8TYM 76400 RQQ20TYM 191000
RQQ10TYM 95500 RQQ30TSYM 285000
RQQ12TYM 114000 RQQ32TSYM 305000
RQQ14TYM 136000 RQQ34TSYM 324000
RQQ16TYM 154000 RQQ36TSYM 341000
RQQ18TNYM 172000 RQQ38TSYM 362000
RQQ20TNYM 191000 RQQ40TSYM 382000
RQQ22TNYM 213000 RQQ42TSYM 399000
RQQ24TNYM 232000 RQQ44TSYM 420000
RQQ26TNYM 251000 RQQ46TSYM 440000
RQQ28TNYM 273000 RQQ48TSYM 457000
RQQ30TNYM 290000    
RQQ32TNYM 307000    
RQQ34TNYM 324000    
RQQ36TNYM 345000    
RQQ38TNYM 362000    
RQQ40TNYM 382000    
RQQ42TNYM 406000    
RQQ44TNYM 423000    
RQQ46TNYM 444000    
RQQ48TNYM 461000    


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